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Corporate Social Responsibility

§ 1 Basic values

Integrity and outstanding know-how are the foundations of our success and strong reputation. Consequently, we expect employees and suppliers of GIP enterprise group to comply with the applicable laws and regulations at all times. Nationally and internationally. GIP enterprise group will not tolerate legal and regulatory violations under any circumstances and will sanction any such behaviour with disciplinary measures up to and including termination of the working relationship. To ensure that staff do not breach this Code of Conduct, GIP enterprise group assists its employees in identifying potential conflict situations at an early stage and finding the correct response. In addition, we expect our employees to report legal violations or breaches of the regulations defined in this Code of Conduct to their immediate superiors.

§ 2 Integrity

GIP enterprise group treats everyone with respect. GIP enterprise group expects all its employees to be polite, objective, fair and respectful in their dealings with colleagues and business partners, i.e. with customers, suppliers, officials and other persons with whom GIP enterprise group works.

§ 3 Fairness and competition

GIP enterprise group is dedicated to fair competition. Like our competitors, we attempt to develop the best ideas and products and persuade our customers through the quality and innovative power.

We win orders exclusively by offering better performance. GIP enterprise group gains a competitive advantage by supplying innovative products at fair prices. We do not permit any agreements with competitors or customers, which aim to prevent free and fair competition. For example, we will not tolerate bribery or any other illegal form of exercising personal influence on customers, suppliers or officials by GIP enterprise group employees.

We will only accept gifts, other benefits or sponsorship within culturally and personally acceptable limits. GIP enterprise group employees are not permitted to accept gifts and gratuities under any circumstances. We particularly request our business partners to note this.

§ 4 Moral responsibility

The moral standards and values of GIP enterprise group are based on good business and corporate practices. GIP enterprise group is aware that we also have to accept a social and moral responsibility.

We are already passing on the values of our corporate culture to the next generation through our daily business activities and decisions. GIP enterprise group’s values management programme is based on mentoring and good role models. These are key factors in ensuring strong ethical leadership in our day-to-day business. The virtues of the individual, his/her moral convictions and values are the pillars of the GIP enterprise group values management programme.

These are complemented by the moral qualities of GIP enterprise group as an organisation, its workflows, incentives and control mechanisms. GIP enterprise group always attempts to ensure that the organisation does not fail due to overburdening its employees/partners and demanding the impossible.

§ 5 Efficiency and safety

We can only defend our market position by realising high quality projects and efficiently executing our work. For GIP enterprise group, efficiency has many different aspects. On the one hand, for us, it requires a production system that conserves resources – on the other hand, it means ensuring that our employees are satisfied and remain highly motivated in their work.

The safety of our staff and business partners is one of our top priorities. GIP enterprise group therefore undertakes to inform its employees about potential hazards in the production and installation processes. The company also nominates responsible officers to ensure that occupational health and safety regulations are observed.

At the same time, all employees must contribute to creating a safe and healthy workplace by complying fully with Health and Safety at Work Directives and following the instructions of those responsible.

Furthermore, they are obliged to report any hazards they identify or violations of these directives to the responsible officers. Any shortcomings must also be rectified immediately.

§ 6 Sustainability management

GIP enterprise group’s success is based on systematic planning, implementation, controls and management.

GIP enterprise group’s sustainability management policy encompasses the economic, social and environmental dimensions of our corporate activities. GIP enterprise group believes the use of information and communication technologies is an instrument for successfully establishing these values in companies.

GIP enterprise group takes into account environmental aspects and environmental sustainability when selecting suppliers and products. Wherever possible, we use recyclable materials and products as well as processes that conserve resources.

We actively use our information and communication technologies to keep our employees up-to-date and encourage them to adopt environmentally-friendly practices.


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