Fire doors

Fire doors are fire protection barriers. Fire door requirements are regulated by the standards DIN 4102-5 (in Germany) and/or ÖNORM B 3850 (in Austria).

The following fire protection classes exist: T30, T60, T90, T120 and T180. The number next to the T states the period of time in minutes that the fire protection barrier must be able to restrict the spread of the fire (not the smoke) and still be able to be opened. Fire doors can be classified as fire-retardant (T30), highly fire-retardant (T60) and fire resistant fire protection barriers (T90). These in turn are divided into single-leaf doors, e.g. (T90-1), and double-leaf doors, e.g.(T90-2). We present our fire door ADS 80 FR 30 as a representative for all our fire door systems.

  • Suitable for use as a fire door in all room and building partitions
  • Multi-purpose protection against fire and smoke, burglar resistance, soundproofing, anti-panic features
  • System components for access control
  • Integration as T30 insert unit in fire resistant facades F30 / G30
  • Door for right-hand traffic – a new opening mechanism for fire and smoke protection
  • Frameless, vertical silicone joints

Sample designs for fire doors

Technical data for fire doors

Aluminium and steel
Type of construction:
Non-insulated, thermally insulated, highly thermally insulated
Design types:
Inward opening doors, outward opening doors, single or double leaf with skylight / side panel
Door sizes up to max. 1518 x 1900 mm
Smoke protection DIN EN 13501-2
Fire tested in accordance with EN 1363-1/EN 1634-1
Smoke protection DIN 18095 T30 / G30
Insert units:
T30 doors as insert units for facades, as
smoke doors, fire doors

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