Smoke doors

RSmoke doors are manufactured in accordance with the standard DIN 18095. Fitted with a self-closing mechanism, they are designed to prevent smoke from spreading in the case of fire.

The smoke doors ADS 65.NI SP and ADS 65.NI FR 30 not only comply with German standards but are also certified in accordance with European standards for smoke and fire resistance. This is a valuable advantage when ensuring compliance with a wide range of project requirements.

  • Suitable for use as smoke doors and smoke walls
  • Multi-purpose smoke door with burglar resistance, soundproofing, anti-panic features
  • System components for access control
  • Multi-purpose groove for push-in fixing of system fittings
  • Smoke door for right-hand traffic – a new type of opening mechanism
  • Large sizes up to 3100 mm high, unlimited length, glass dimensions up to 1400mm x 2500 mm

Sample designs for smoke doors

Technical data for smoke doors

Aluminium and steel
Type of construction:
Design types:
Inward opening smoke doors, outward opening smoke doors, single and double leaf smoke doors with skylight / side panel
Door sizes up to max. 1400 x 2500 mm
Smoke protection DIN EN 13501-2
Burglar resistance DIN V ENV 1627 to 1630 WK 2
Door panels:
Fire resistant glass


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