A glass facade defines the appearance and value of a building. It should meet the highest standards of construction, design and sustainability. These are the standards GIP applies when designing, constructing, manufacturing and delivering customised glass facades for buildings of all types around the world.

  • Mullion-transom facades

    Mullion-transom facades

    The mullion-transom facade is the most widespread system for building large-scale glass facades with an elegant profile face.

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  • Fire resistant facades

    Fire resistant facades

    Fire resistant facades have an inserted, non-combustible insulation strip as well as an insulating layer in the rebate area.

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  • Bullet resistant facades

    Bullet resistant facades

    Bullet resistant facades are designed to meet the more stringent requirements of official protection levels and provide additional security.

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  • Unitised facades

    Unitised facades

    Unitised facades are made from modules, which are pre-assembled in the factory. They essentially consist of the frame, glazing, sealing system and connecting elements.

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  • Earthquake tested facades

    Earthquake tested facades

    If the glass facade is to be installed on a building in a region which is at risk of earthquakes, our engineers will first identify the most suitable facade substructure.

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  • Intelligent facades

    Intelligent facades

    Intelligent facades can be controlled to respond actively to changes in the external climate.

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  • Climate facades

    Climate facades

    Climate facades separate the interior environment of the building from the surrounding climate. They shield it against external influences.

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  • Louvre blade facades

    Louvre blade facades are part of the architectural design of a building envelope. They not only provide privacy but also excellent ventilation and are ideal for use as facades in multi-storey car parks and technology centres.

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  • Passive house facades

    Passive house facades

    Passive house facades from GIP enable you to create a comfortable interior climate using only the energy supplied by natural sunlight. No active heating system is required.

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  • Double-skin facades

    Double-skin facades

    The double-skin facade is the result of global demand for new ways to save and use energy sustainably.

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  • Structural glazing facades

    Structural glazing facades

    Structural glazing facades from GIP Glazing make it possible to create frameless glass facades with maximum transparency and an "all glass" design.

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  • Expanded metal facades

    Expanded metal facades

    Expanded metal facades and ornamental facades do far more than enhance the architectural appearance of a building.

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  • Point fixed facades

    Point fixed facades

    The GIPPOINT glazing system was developed for point fixed vertical facades. It is a symbiosis of glass and stainless steel.

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  • Willow wicker facades

    Willow wicker facades

    The willow wicker facade from GIP GLAZING is an architecturally unique, functional and sustainable double-skin facade.

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  • Ventilated curtain walls

    Ventilated curtain walls

    Ventilated curtain walls (VCW) are acknowledged as high quality, sustainable and cost-effective facade systems.

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