Earthquake tested facades

If you are planning to install a glass facade in a region which is at risk of earthquakes, our engineers will determine the potential load using historical earthquake data from the location.

This information enables us to calculate the magnitude of the shear forces and deformations occurring in the glass facade before it is built. We then use these results to select a suitable facade design.

  • Suitable for use with vertical facades and light roofs
  • Clear, minimalistic design for the highest architectural standards
  • Large pane formats possible
  • Glass facades with appropriate decoupled load bearing structures
  • Seismically isolated for effective protection against earthquake damage
  • Statically determinate bearing system using floating, sliding and fixed bearings in the subsructure
  • Control of shear forces and deformations

Sample designs for earthquake tested facades

Technical data for earthquake tested facades

Type of construction:
Thermally insulated, highly thermally insulated
System width:
82 mm
Profile depth:
125 mm to 180 mm Special sizes according to load
Pane dimensions
Element dimensions up to 2000 mm x 4500 mm
Glass weight up to 500 kg
Burglar resistance, earthquake resistance, protection against falling
Facade types:
Unitised facades, insulating facades
Approval requirement:
Approval always required on a case-by-case basis
Laboratory testing recommended before implementation
Physical properties:
Thermal insulation up to 1.2 W/(m²K) possible


Our service to ensure the success of your project with our earthquake tested facade.

In the near future we will offer DXF-/DWG-Data to download.

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