Expanded metal facades and ornamental facades

Both expanded metal facades and ornamental facades not only refine the architectural appearance of a building but also provide privacy and shade from the sun.

In addition, sunlight striking this type of facade system creates unique and striking lighting effects. Expanded metal facades can be installed either as ventilated curtain walls (VCW) or double-skin facades.

  • Suitable for use with vertical facades, polygonal facades and free forms
  • Individual design due to large selection of profile geometries for the supporting structure
  • Large selection of mesh types
  • Large selection of cover caps offers an outstanding range of design options
  • Can be used as inserts in insulating glass
  • Concealed, invisible fastening
  • Elegant joint design
  • Industry design for optical structure

Our service to ensure the success of your project with our expanded metal facade.

Sample designs for expanded metal facades and ornamental facades

Technical data for expanded metal facades and ornamental facades

Aluminium, bronze, copper, brass, steel V2A/V4A
Type of construction:
Non-insulated, thermally insulated, highly thermally insulated
System width:
Dependent on mesh type and mesh size
Profile depth:
In accordance with static requirements
Mesh types:
Micro-meshes, small meshes, medium meshes, large meshes, round meshes, square meshes, elongated meshes, designer meshes, customised meshes
Facade types:
VCW facades, insulating facades, double-skin facades, unitised facades, solar shading, privacy and glare protection
Physical properties:
Air permeability DIN EN 12152 AE*
Driving rain impermeability DIN EN 12154 RE 1200*
Thermal transmission rating DIN EN 12412-2 Uf = 1.5 W/(m²K)*
* These values are achievable in applications with insulating glass.

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