Structural Point Facade

INPOINT from GIP GLAZING GmbH stands for excellence in structural point facade design. Its frameless glazing appearance comes very close to fulfilling the vision of architects and planners for a supporting structure that seems to float separately from the glass itself. Structural point facades can be used to create large glazed areas with the appearance of a single transparent surface. It opens up a new dimension in space for unrestricted panoramic views.

INPOINT Structural Point Facade LogoThe structural point facade was developed for point fixed vertical glass facades. Its special undercut anchor technology uses drilled holes in the glass to ensure that the anchors, which secure the glass elements to the supporting frame, are invisible to outside observers. There are no restrictions when using the system with a supporting structure that meets the static requirements. Glass swords from GIP Glazing, cable trusses and specially engineered constructions are always planned, calculated, manufactured and assembled by GIP GLAZING for the specific building – wherever it is in the world.

  • Suitable for use with vertical glass facades and photovoltaic modules
  • Large pane formats possible in all pane geometries
  • Large range of GIP substructures available, e.g. glass swords, cable constructions.
  • Visual appearance of a frameless, floating glass surface
  • Clear, minimalistic design for the highest architectural standards
  • Statically determinate bearing system using floating, sliding and fixed bearings in the substructure
  • Control of structural tolerances
  • Minimalistic joint design and very small fastening points in a variety of styles

Sample designs for Structural Point facade

Technical Data for INPOINT

Stainless steel, aluminium, single pane safety glass, composite safety glass
Type of construction:
Non-insulated, thermally insulated, highly thermally insulated
Pane dimensions:
1200 mm x 3000 mm, other sizes available on request
General approval granted by building authorities (Z-70.2-122)
Pane dimensions:
W x H from 2600 mm x 4200 mm
Glass weight up to 650 kg
Certified protection against falling
Facade types:
Structural point facades
structural glazing facades
all glass facades
all glass balustrades


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