Awnings & patio roofs

Whether you require an awning or a patio roof, we supply non-insulated system solutions for patio roofs and awnings as well as unheated conservatories. These products have an internal load-bearing structure and are based on the conservatory system CMC 50. This provides an excellent foundation for creating attractive and very cost-effective aluminium roof designs.

  • Suitable for use as mono-pitch roofs, corner solutions, saddle roofs and carports
  • The pitch of the supporting structure for the roof can be varied from 10° to 45°
  • Design with internal load-bearing structure
  • Projections of up to 6.5 m can be implemented using reinforced eave and rafter profiles
  • Permits attractive and very cost-effective aluminium roof designs

Sample designs for awnings and patio roofs

Technical data for awnings & patio roofs

Type of construction:
System width:
50 mm
Profile depth:
50 mm to 280 mm, special sizes possible
Burglar resistance DIN V ENV 1627-1637 RC 1 to RC 3
Glazing with linear supports (TRLV)
Facade types:
Light roofs, angled glazing, awnings, mono-pitch roofs, saddle roofs, carports
Physical properties:
Driving rain impermeability DIN EN 12154 RE 1200


Our service to ensure the success of your project with our awnings and patio roofs.

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