Facade mock-up

A facade mock-up from GIP Glazing is a realistic model, which corresponds 1:1 to the future glass facade or building envelope. It allows GIP to offer investors and architects a realistic preview of the planned glass facade, which they can see and touch.

The presentation of the facade mock-up provides GIP Glazing and its clients with an opportunity to define key information and identify any changes required for the production and installation of the glass facade. Unlike a drawing, the mock-up can be used to show and evaluate complex details, e.g. corners, joints and building connections, in the context of the structural design. A digital 3D mock-up is an alternative to a realistic facade mock-up. A computer merges the volume models using parametric planning and tests them as a digital facade mock-up. Construction of a prototype is not required. However, the digital 3D mock-up cannot replace the visual and tangible experience of a physical facade mock-up. The facade mock-up is an important component of the consulting service for facades and development of sample facades.

  • Facade mock-up and 1:1 model as a prototype in form and function
  • World-wide dispatch and presentation on the construction site
  • Facade mock-ups can be used as decision-making tools when constructing glass facades and integrating them into intercultural architectural traditions
  • The facade mock-up offers a visual and tangible presentation of the building materials and their effect on the viewer
  • Facade mock-ups for running Freifeldversuchen


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