Structural design service for facades

The structural design service for glass facades is a service from GIP-Glazing. Here, the company’s specialist facade planners complete the development, structural dimensioning and verifiable certification for glass facades and customised glass structures.

GIP Glazing therefore supports owners, contractors and architects from the earliest stages of planning. Professional planners design glass facades with optimised load-bearing structures and special constructions inspired by the visions of their clients. They use state-of-the-art analytical tools, such as framework and finite element models and glass statics, to calculate the load-bearing structures for facades. By linking the parametric generation of supporting structure geometry for glass facades with automated analysis and dimensioning processes, we are able to produce and test a very wide range of supporting structures at short notice.

  • Development and structural dimensioning of glass facades and customised glass structures
  • Parametric generation of glass facades and customised solutions
  • Generation of framework and finite element models
  • Structural calculation and optimisation of glass facades
  • Compilation of verifiable detailed structural analyses and/or structural analyses for the approval procedure for glass facades
  • Compilation of glass structural analyses and glass thickness recommendations for customised solutions and glass facades
  • Agreement of glass facades and customised solutions on a case-by-case basis

Sample for the structural analysis of facades


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