Passive, vertical sheet metal louvre blades

Passive, vertical sheet metal louvre blades are suitable for providing protection against summer heat on east- and west-facing glass facades. As well as providing protection against summer heat on glass facades, external solar shading systems with passive, horizontal sheet metal louvre blades offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding area.

  • For use in the vertical position, cantilevered with identical louvre blade widths or a stepped look
  • Flexible solar shading solution through different louvre blade widths, types and materials
  • Outstanding product quality and reliability
  • High level of prefabrication
  • System-compatible attachment to window and facade structures
  • Highly effective shading at all times of the day and year
  • Supporting structure using vertical "glass swords” possible
  • Solar shading, unaffected by the wind
  • Customised forms and designs in a variety of finishes

Technical data for passive, vertical, sheet metal louvre blades

Aluminium alloy
Type of construction:
Self-supporting with frame or Tragrohr-Spaten-Konstruktion
System width:
Freely selectable
Profile depth:
Dependent on the structural design
Louvre blade dimensions:
Freely selectable
Louvre blade types:
Single- or double-shell louvre blade design, filling material freely selectable, e.g. perforated plate, expanded metal or metal fabric
Types of solar shading:
Passive solar shading, vertical solar shading
Physical properties:
Standard louvre angle: 0/90°, 15°, 30° or 45°; or freely selectable on request
Supporting structure finishes:
Powder coating in accordance with RAL Standard, RAL Design, NCS, BD or, on request and after sample approval, anodised aluminium in accordance with the standardised colour chart


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