Block windows

The level of thermal insulation provided by the block window AWS 90 BS.SI+ is compliant with the passive house standard.

With a Uf value of 1.2W/(m²K) and narrow face widths, the AWS 90 BS.SI+ block window can be used to create exceptionally harmonious glass fronts with no visible casements.

  • Suitable for use in private apartment and housing developments and commercial real estate
  • The AWS 90 BS.SI+ series of block windows offers a level of thermal insulation, which is compliant with the passive house standard
  • Co-extruded centre gasket
  • Slim, harmonious appearance with no visible window casements
  • Large window casements possible
  • The perfect partnership of thermal insulation and design
  • Outstanding thermal insulation with Ug = 0.6 W/(m²K) and plastic spacers

Sample designs for block windows

Technical data for block windows

Type of construction:
Highly thermally insulated
Side-hung casements, turn/tilt casements, top-hung casements, skylight tilt casements
Unit size:
1450 mm x 1900 mm
Window type:
Block windows, windows as insert units in passive house facades, passive house windows, punched windows
Burglar resistance DIN V ENV 1627 to 1630 WK 1 to WK 3
Physical properties:
Air permeability DIN EN 12207 Class 4
Driving rain impermeability DIN EN 12208 9A
Thermal transmission rating DIN EN 12412-2 Uf =0.9 W/(m²K)
(with Ug = 0.6 W/(m²K) and plastic spacers)


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