Punched windows

The panorama facade from GIP GLAZING is a refinement of the traditional mullion-transom facade. In the familiar mullion-transom facade, the profiles have a face width of 50 mm in most applications.

Mullion-transom facades with a face width of 35 mm and a pure, minimalistic profile system respond to the market demand for large-area, fixed glazing products. Panorama facades are suitable for use in premium segments, such as villas and other prestigious buildings.

  • Uniform gasket system for the entire mullion-transom facade based on gasket heights of 9 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm on the inside and 5 mm on the outside
  • Prefabricated pressure plate, including gasket and insulating foam
  • Economical fabrication of the mullion-transom facade with minimal preparation
  • Patented mullion-transom facade for safe glass installation and fastening the pressure plate profile
  • New type of glazing rebate reduction profiles within the mullion-transom facade
  • New type of connection to ventilated curtain walls with simple clip-on technology
  • Optimised seal for a secure and clean intersection between a mullion-transom facade and an adjoining ventilated curtain wall
  • Innovative system for continuous attachment to the building structure: reliable ventilation and drainage of the mullion-transom facade where it is attached to the building structure
  • Very efficient installation of the mullion-transom facade possible

Sample designs for panorama facades

Technical data for punched windows

Type of construction:
Highly thermally insulated
Side-hung casements, turn/tilt casements, tilt casements,
tilt-before-turn casements, French casements, skylight tilt casements, parallel removable tilt/slide casements
Window type:
Punched windows, windows as insert units in facades, window facades, round windows, arched windows
Burglar resistance DIN V ENV 1627 to 1630 WK 1 to WK 3
Resistant to wind loads up to DIN EN 12210 B5 C5
Physical properties:
Air permeability DIN EN 12207 Class 4
Driving rain impermeability DIN EN 12208 9A
Thermal transmission rating DIN EN 12412-2 Uf = 0.9 -1.6 W/(m²K)
(with Ug = 0.6 W/(m²K) and plastic spacers)


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